About Us

Microbioticos Análises Laboratoriais is a company that operates for more than 20 years with laboratory analysis in Food Control. The company's main activity is the analysis of chemical residues of veterinary drugs in products from industry, such as biological samples, food and feedstuffs.

Alongside, the Laboratory researches, develops and validates new analytical methods for the control of residues and contaminants and quality control of veterinary medications. The Laboratory has as one of its main goals the production of high quality analytical data, obtained by accurate analytical measurements, reliable measurements. This goal is achieved effectively by investing in training of technical personnel, investments in equipment to tests performed and the program for Quality Assurance, based on NBR ISO / IEC 17025.

The implementation of Quality Assurance System requires the commitment of all staff of the Company, regardless of hierarchical level, training and education, to achieve the desired level of excellence.

The commitment with quality by top management of the Company, is demonstrated by the availability of necessary resources, human, instructional and material, and their commitment to be fulfilled the guidelines and procedures documented.

Thus Microbioticos is always looking to offer their customers the analytical tests with the highest quality and accuracy possible, thus seeking the full satisfaction of its customers.