Purposes for Total Quality

a) The commitment and quality policy used by management of Microbioticos are reflected in the company's quality policy and the purposes for the overall quality listed below:

1. Develop a quality system based on the standards of ISO / IEC 17025:2005 to nurture a continuous process of improvement and problem prevention rather than problem detection.

2. Define and implement our quality system based on total employee involvement and commitment of excellence.

3. Provide training to all employees and support needed to provide quality services to all clients.

4. Communicate our mission and quality aims for all employees, giving them individual responsibility and reportability.

5. Establish and maintain a work environment that enables high quality services.

6. Provide an atmosphere that encourages employees to use their full potential and pride in work performance.

b) The policy of Microbioticos (as defined in the Quality Policy and Purposes for Total Quality) is wide open, as a sign of commitment, and as a clear reminder of our vision and direction. These policies are presented to all new employees in our admission training, and continually reinforced by managerial levels, to ensure understanding and commitment in all levels of the company.

c) Our Quality Policy is used to maintain the already considerable reputation of quality in Microbioticos, and in this decade to come, maintaining a relaxed and disciplined work environment.