Technical Staff

The laboratory staff consists of highly skilled personnel, selected and trained within strict quality parameters. Among our staff, we have Doctors in Chemistry, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Chemists and Technicians Veterinary Doctors, trained to meet the growing demand for analytical services in foods. The crew receives ongoing training and is able to respond to several requests in the area, and with the possibility of leaving their expertise available to the population and the food industry.

The policy of training at the lab and constant aims the motivation and updating of its employees, essential requirements for producing reliable analytical data and the satisfaction of our client.

Courses and Lectures

Rosario Montes Niño - Masters in Metrology

Professional Resumes

Alfredo Montes Niño - President

Fábio Giannotti - Technical Director

Technology Park

The Laboratory Microbioticos, offers high-tech equipment, providing services with reliability  and quality. Our lab currently has Fluorescence HPLC's, High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (UPLC / MSMS), Gas Chromatographs (GC / MSMS), Liquid Chromatographs (LC / MSMS) and ELISA readers. Due to our large investment in technology, we are able to develop, validate and provide analysis services for various sectors of the agribusiness.

Infrastructure of Microbioticos

The physical area of the Laboratory Microbioticos complies with international standards of quality and safety. !Due to the nature of their activities and their environmental awareness, Microbióticos has a plan to dispose its waste of analysis.